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It’s Time You Receive the Social Security Benefits You Deserve!

Montefu Consulting can guide you in your journey through the rough waters of Social Security Disability and SSI claims. Our founder, Liz Montefu, has over 30 years of experience in benefit coordination and has been accredited by the National Association of Disability Representatives, which means she is "qualified, tested, and working for you!"

Montefu Consulting will provide services custom-fit to your needs and unique situation whether you are filing for benefits for the first time or you are preparing to go before an Administrative Law Judge at a hearing. We provide all services with no up-front fees and offer a free initial consultation. You only owe us a fee when we are successful in obtaining the benefits for you!

Compassionate and Caring Service!

Do you know someone who has been diagnosed with a terminal or life-altering medical condition and can no longer work? Have you recently been denied Social Security Disability or SSI benefits despite being unable to work for a year? Are you aware of a child from a low-income family with a severe illness or impairment that keeps him/her from normal activities of daily living at home and at school?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Montefu Consulting can provide compassionate and aggressive representation to those who are eligible for benefits. Click on our Benefits tab for more information or contact us for a personalized response to your specific situation.

What We Do

Our sole purpose is to provide personalized, compassionate advocacy for those in need of help with their Social Security Disability and SSI claims and benefits.

We are not part of a larger firm or chain of companies that thrive on volume-driven business.

We exist to help people - plain and simple.

We have combined experience of over 30 years in federal and state benefit coordination. We’ll draw from our knowledge of the red tape surrounding Social Security benefits and explain the process to you in a way that is both beneficial and easy to understand.


Who We Help

We provide services to adults who have been or are unable to work for at least 12 months and suffer from medical impairments such as heart disease, cancer, spinal disorders, psychiatric disorders, or other conditions considered to cause more than a minimal interference in their ability to work.

We also help families that have limited financial resources and have a child that suffers from severe medical, learning, and/or emotional deficits.

Where We Work

While our office is located in Tampa, we are currently assisting individuals just like you throughout the state of Florida.

We also have clients that reside in other states and we are able to provide the same level of service to them via telephone, internet, and video conferencing. We travel to other states as needed to appear with individuals who are attending a hearing in regard to their claim for benefits.

We are Your Advocate

You are not a number.

You are a unique individual with unique circumstances.

We understand that you need compassionate, customized assistance throughout your claims process...and that’s what we’ll give you.


"Then a miracle occurred in the form of Liz Montefu, who with her vast knowledge and experience regarding the Social Security Administration, eased my terror, anxiety and with her as my advocate, I was no longer lost. Liz navigated my case through the intricacies of the SSA. She knew exactly what to do, how to do it, how to get it approved!"

Julia D.

"I can't say enough how grateful I am for Montefu Consulting's services. They are kind, friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable. All my questions were fully answered and I knew at all times what my progress was, what we were waiting for. There were no surprises. I was treated with the greatest respect. I will recommend this consulting group to anyone and I have. You won't be sorry if you use them."

Gin R.

"Thank you for all your help! It has been a struggle, but we made it with your help. Thanks again."

Rita D.

"Thanks to you again for all your help, I recommended you to another person. I pray you will be able to help her."

Stefanie H.